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We accept childcare vouchers


Most employers will operate their childcare voucher scheme via 'salary sacrifice'. As long as your cash salary does not go below the National Minimum Wage, you can choose to take Childcare Vouchers up to the value of £2,916 a year as part of your package. If you accept Childcare Vouchers as a portion of your salary (up to £55 per week or £243 a month) you do not have to pay National Insurance Contributions (NIC) or Tax on that amount.


How do I save money?


If you choose to have some of your salary paid as either paper or electronic Childcare Vouchers (up to £55 per week or £243 a month), you don't pay tax or NICs on that amount. So your remaining wages are greater after paying for your childcare with vouchers than if you had paid in cash.


How much can I save?


Each parent that takes their maximum allowance can save up to £1,196 per year. Exactly how much you save depends on how much tax and National Insurance you pay.


Please click on your nursery below for fee information or contact your nursery directly.

Fee Information

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